Keep Healthy While You’re Moving Homes

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Moving can be hard work so you want to make sure to stock up on healthy snacks and beverages. During the summer when the heat can reach unbearable temperatures, you might want to make sure that when you’re doing heavy lifting that you keep your body cool and nourished. Whether you are moving in and out of Storage Lion’s self-storage unit, or moving in and out of a truck, these tips will help keep you strong through the job.

1. Keep water accessible to hydrate — If you are moving into or out of your self storage unit, make sure to have water bottles in a cooler ready to go. Don’t forget to drink your water often between trips of moving your items from the car or to the car, especially if the sun is coming down on you. If you are moving belongings to your new home from your old home, make sure to have water bottles at both your new home and old home so dehydration won’t be an issue. This is one of the most forgotten items when arriving at the new home: handy water bottles for when you are unpacking your truck for the first time. Having a case handy will keep you and your family hydrated when unpacking the truck.

Storage Lion - Drinking Water

2.Drink sports drinks with electrolytes, avoid sodas!— In the times when you are doing extraneous heavy lifting, whether it is moving large appliances in and out of Storage Lion’s self-storage facilities or in and out of your moving truck, you might want to have your sports drinks handy to replenish yourself after breaking out with sweat. The electrolytes found in sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade can help replenish your body’s energy to endure longer heavy lifting sessions to and from your home or self-storage unit. Remember to avoid sodas at all cost! The sugar in sodas will dehydrate the body leaving you depleted of energy and ultimately lead to a sugar crash. With that said, stick to water and the sports drinks during heavy moving days.

3. Re-energize with healthy snacks—Moving is extremely stressful and sometimes we forget to eat during stressful times. It’s important to energize your body during a move, especially when lifting heavy boxes or moving large appliances. Take constant breaks to re-energize yourself and what better way to rejuvenate your energy than with healthy snacks, such as nuts and energy bars. Readily accessible prepackaged healthy snacks such as nut packages and energy bars are perfect for a quick snacking-energy-restoring treat, especially when you are on the go to and from your home or self-storage unit.

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4. Healthy meals on-the-go to keep your energy flowing —Don’t forget to eat your meals! Snacking is great to hold you over but it’s essential to eat healthy meals to keep your body in top-performance shape for all the packing and lifting that moving requires. Avoid fast-food restaurants that have little-to-none nutrition value and instead opt for prepackaged salads with chicken and other healthy alternatives such as sandwiches from the local deli. Whole foods such as whole grains and white-meats will help keep you nourished and won’t give you the carbohydrate crashes that fast foods give. You can always purchase sandwiches from a deli the day before or on the morning of the move and keep the sandwiches in a cooler when moving. That way, you can eat during a break when unpacking your items into Storage Lions’ self-storage unit or your new home.

5. Fresh juices for added nourishment to keep you moving—Juices are one of the healthiest options for maximizing your nutritional value to help keep your blood sugar levels up throughout the day. Fresh juices have the vitamins and minerals that will keep you going throughout the day. Take full advantage of your high energy level on moving days. Check out your local juice stores in Edmond Oklahoma to energize yourself for your big move in or out day!

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